April 11, 2008

Vini Man and Vini Bond 2: 3rd Chapter

Hey guys now I am going to post the 3rd chapter of Vini Man and Vini Bond 2 and enjoy it.
3. The Truth
Vini Man and Vini Bond's ghost heard that. When boss said that he is got a mission, they start to think they had mistaken to tease Vane. They said sorry to Vane and said "We will help you to catch Tapor and Vicky. At boss's office he was calling anybody and then he said" Hey Demort I heard that you are saying that I am not the greatest killer"
“Yes I am saying that you are not a greatest killer” Demot replied
“O.K. so what can I do for being greatest killer” said Boss
“You have to kill Vane” Demort replied
“What? I killed Vini Man and Vini Bond and they are the greatest detectives” said Boss
“But you had not killed them yourself. First you gone to say Dhambhar that Vini Man and Vini Bond killed his brother-Salvatore and then Dhambhar killed them and you are saying you killed them?” replied Demort
“Yes I had killed them because I had said to Dhambhar” Boss replied
“But you will be the greatest killer by killing anybody yourself” Demort replied
“O.K. I will kill Vane tonight at his house” Boss replied
At the back of the wall Vane was listening all the conversation of Boss and Demort.
Then Vane went to his house and called the ghosts of Vini Man and Vini Bond and said “The Dhambhar had killed you by the order of your boss”
“What are you saying? Why our boss killed us?” Vini Man’s ghost shocked and asked
“I knew when I will tell you this truth you will be shocked. And now I tell you why he killed you and Vini Bond. He killed you and Vini Bond because Demort had said to him.” Vane replied
“O.K. now first we will help you to catch Vicky and Tapor, then we will kill Demort and Boss.


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