April 27, 2008

Results of IPL matches

These are the results of matches.
Kokata vs Chennai-Chennai beat Kolkata by 9 wickets.
Bangalore vs Jaipur-Jaipur beat Bangalore by 7 wickets
In the first match KKR vs CSK.KKR won the toss and choose to bat.The openers were Saurav Ganguly(C) and Brendon McCullum and they made a partnership of 32 runs for the 1st wicket and then Bredon McCullum was out on 24 runs.After that the 2nd wicket as Ricky ponting gone on 0 when the team was on 32 runs.Then after that the 3rd wicket fell down on 61 runs and that wasn't good for Kolkata.Then wickets were falling down and this took Kolkata to make only 147-9 and the highest scorer was Laxmi Ratan Shukla by 42 runs.
Then CSK went to bat.The openers were Parthiv Patel and Mathew Hayden.They create a wonderful start for Chennai.They made a partnership of 66 runs and then Dhoni and Hayden played nicely to win the match.Hayden was the highest scorer by making 70 runs not out.
Bangalore vs Jaipur:-
In this match Bangalore bat first and this wasn't a good decision so they all made only 135 runs.Then Jaipur went to bat and they played very well and won the match by 7 wickets.


abymittal said...

nice blog...keep blogging..!

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nice blog...keep blogging..!

Vipul Sharma said...

eh, i'm not much for cricket, so i'll just ask what i've been dying to ask ever since i came across your profile while reading up on my friend zorba's blog.

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n e idea when will ICL resume after the mumbao attack ??