April 26, 2008

Results of IPL matches

My internet connection was gone so I have not given the results of the matches from the long time but now I am giving but only the results.
Kolkata vs Hyderabad-Kolkata beat Hyderabad by 5 wickets
Mumbai vs Bangalore-Bangalore beat Mumbai by 5 wickets
Jaipur vs Mohali-Jaipur beat mohali by 6 wickets
Hyderabad vs Delhi-Delhi beat Hyderabd by 9 wickets
Chennai vs Mumbai-Chennai beat Mumbai by 6 runs
Hyderabad vs Jaipur-Jaipur beat Hyderabad by 3 wickets
That's all
Now i will give the results of today's matches after today's matches.

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huzefa said...

really needed this info.......thanks