April 12, 2008

Vini Man and Vini Bond 2: 4th chapter

I hope you all have enjoyed 3 chapters of Vini Man and Vini Bond 2 so this is the 4th chapter of Vini Man and Vini Bond 2.

4. International Bank

At Vicky and Tapor’s house they are planning to rob the International Bank.
“There are many rupees in the bank. I think there is the money of whole state” said Tapor
“So what?” replied Vicky
“I am thinking that we have to find more thieves to rob the bank because the bag of rupees will be very heavy and we will not able to take the bags. O.K.?” replied Tapor
“O.K. We will find only 4 thieves more for helping us to rob the bank” replied Vicky
“I have one plan to get all the money after money after robbing the bank” replied Tapor
“So what is the plan?” Vicky asked
“We will kill them and take all the money” answered Tapor
Then they started to find 4 thieves and when they caught 4 thieves named=Valento, Gabroo, Valentino, Sydric and said “You had to help us for rob one bank”
“But you had to share all the money between all 6 men” said Gabroo
“O.K.” Vicky said.
Then they booked a room in the hotel and then they started to plan how to rob a bank and they go in the bank and said “hands up “and go to locker room where all the money is. Then they take all the money and they go out of the bank when all the police was there.


arjun said...

'm reading the whole serie now...
u sound damn good....


stephan said...

its good but its too lenghty yaar

unpretentious_diva said...

lol its damn easy to rob a bank

sourav said...

nice one :).......god a 9 year old blogger....our nation is really devloping

SARANSH said...

simply superb

Mohan Kumar said...

Have to read the story from the Scratch !! You are blogging very well !!

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huzefa said...

Very nice series,fells like reading it my whole life