July 12, 2009

Three more multiplayer games

As you know I told you about CLUB PENGUIN some time ago and about WEBOSAURS just 2-3 days ago and now I will tell you about three more games like them.One is CHOBOTS another one is SPINE WORLD and the last is PLANET CAZMO
First let me review CHOBOTS.
I didnt like CHOBOTS very much.It's nothing for non members.It is very nice for the members but for it doesn't have much for non members.Like We can buy a pet but can't take it for a walk.There is only one good thing for non members and that is the minigames in it.
My Rating
Just because they have not kept many things for Non-members.

Now my review of SPINE WORLD.
SPINE WORLD is a nice game.I found it in Miniclip.Now it is the top game in the miniclip.First it was CLUB PENGUIN but I don't think it is better that CLUB PENGUIN.It has nice minigames and nice places.In this game also we have to be a member to do more fun.Membership is the only thing I don't like in these games.
My Rating
It is a nice game but you know MEMBERSHIP.

Now the review of PLANET CAZMO.
PLANET CAZMO is also a nice game.In this game we are on a skateboard.I liked a thing that we can even throw parties in it,even the non members.The places in it are awesome.But still one problem is there-MEMBERSHIP.I have not played it much but still I would say it is a nice game.
My Rating
You should definetly try it out.

Thats it.Hope you liked the post.
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Paranormal ME said...

ya dude...this membership thng is a bad prblem..

Dan* said...


but really bcuz of membership ppl dont even try it...

insanely~positive said...

miniclip is a very good site.. let me check out the games you have suggested..

roshrockshere said...

miniclip do have some nice ones

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

Rohit Rajpal said...

Nice try of rating these games..

I am in love with spine world sir!

Keep penning!