July 29, 2009


Hello everybody.

I think that Orkut is copying Facebook.
I will tell you what Orkut is copying.
1.Applications-There were no applications on orkut first.
2.Chatting-We can click on the left hand side and see which friend is online and chat.Even this feature was not on orkut.
3.Status Message-We can change our status.This was not on orkut.

So dou you think that orkut is copying facebook?
If you know any other thing you can tell by commenting.


Manorath said...

i like the older version of orkut.. the updates thing is the other one i hate! disabled it first place. Orkut was classy in the beginning. Now it has lots its charm, tryin to be like facebook.

Manali's Write =) said...
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Manali's Write =) said...

Yeah, I agree with you totally. That's the reason why I have stopped using Orkut. There are several other points you missed: like Orkut now allows users to tag photos, extend the number of photo uploads, one can now create several albums, privacy policy gone more stringent - all just like FB. Well, just so many things!!!

Dan* said...

yup..... i agree!

but still i love orkut more than facebook.

Blog said...

seems I agree with you... but again Orkut is unique in itself... it is more sweeter than facebook...!

Next said...

Good Job Keep going :-)

'A Change is a change which is inevitable'


Mitesh said...

But don't forget that facebook is a social network and it got it's idea from orkut. :D

Anonymous said...

may be....but who cares...smtimes i think orkut has made facebook popular, by such allegations.

angel from heaven said...

Yes I think there are many similarities now.