July 30, 2009

Moving into the nineties

Hello everybody!!!
This is my 90th post.Now I need only 10 posts for my hundred post,I mean CENTURY.
I hope I get my CENTURY easily.Let me list somethings which can happen to stop my hundred posts.
1.If anything happens to my internet connection and when it is repaired I just leave this blogging.
2.If I stick to any new game.
3.If I just get bored of blogging and delete my blog just after this post.
4.If anyone hacks my profile and delete my account.
The last thing -If it happened I would never be able to even touch the computer.
5.If I die.

Hope nothing happens,especially the 5th point and I get my CENTURY easily.
I would be changing my blog's template and I will post my new short story which I have written after I get my CENTURY.


Siddharth Bose said...

i hope ur not in the nervous nineties....

Dan* said...

dont leaving blogging........ur doing gr8 ;-)

Manali's Write =) said...

:) sweet.

angel from heaven said...

I am sure you will reach your century without any hiccups!!