June 09, 2009

ICC T20 World Cup 2009-Result of first 8 matches

Let me tell you the results of the first 8 matches of ICC T20 World Cup 09.
Match 1
Netherlands beat England by 4 wickets
Match 2
New Zealand beat Scotland by 7 wickets
Match 3
West Indies beat Australia by 7 wickets
Match 4
India beat Bangladesh by 25 runs
Match 5
South Africa beat Scotland by 130 runs
Match 6
England beat Pakistan by 48 runs
Match 7
Ireland beat Bangladesh by 6 wickets
Match 8
Sri Lanka beat Australia by 6 wickets

There is a happy news for all the Indian team fans.
India are through to Super-8.With India Ireland,England and Sri Lanka are also in Super 8.
I hope India wins this time also.
Today's matches are:-
Pakistan vs Netherlands
New Zealand vs South Africa
Enjoy the matches.

1 comment:

The Solitary Writer said...

bro we r in S8 but few more challenges ahead

n z, saf, sl ,win can easily kick our butts......hope we win