March 30, 2008

ICL Schedule and Results

In this post i will tell the schedule and results of ICL

First the schedule:-

9 March - Chandigarh Lions vs Ahemdabad Rockets
Rockets beat Lions by 19 runs

10 March- Delhi Giants vs Mumbai Champs
Gaints beat Champs by 6 wickets

11 March- Lahore Badshash vs Chennai Superstars
Badshash beat superstars by 5 wickets

12 March- Mumbai Champs vs Kolkata Tigers
Tigers beat Champs by 2 runs

13 March- Hyderabad Heroes vs Lahore Badshash
Badshash beat Heroes by 9 wickets

15 March- Delhi Giants vs Chandigarh Lions
Lions beat Giants by 34 runs

15 March- Hyderabad Heroes vs Chennai Superstars
Heroes beat Superstars by 7 wickets

16 March- Ahemadabad Rockets vs Delhi Giants
Giants beat Rockets by 9 wickets

16 March- Chandigarh Lions vs Lahore Badshash
Badshash beat Lions by 38 runs

17 March- Chennai Superstars vs Kolkata Tigers
Superstars beat Tigers by 4 wickets

18 March- Ahemdabad Rockets vs Mumbai Champs
Champs beat Rockets by 6 wickets

19 March- Hyderabad Heroes vs Kolkata Tigers
Heroes beat Tigers by 4 wickets

20 March- Chennai Superstars vs Delhi Giants
Superstars beat Giants by 56 runs

21 March- Hyderabad Heroes vs Ahemdabad Rockets
Heroes beat Rockets by 52 runs

21 March- Mumbai Champs vs Lahore Badshahs
Badshahs beat Champs by 50 runs

22 March- Kolkata Tigers vs Ahemdabad Rockets
Tigers beat Rockets by 8 wickets

23 March- Mumbai Champs vs Chennai Superstars
Superstars beat Champs by 9 wickets

23 March- Delhi Giants vs Lahore Badshahs
Badshahs beat Giants by 8 wickets

24 March- Delhi Giants vs Hyderabad Heroes
Giants beat Heroes by 7 runs

25 March- Chandigarh Lions vs Mumbai Champs
Champs beat Lions by 35 runs

26 March- Chandigarh Lions vs Kolkata Tigers
Tigers beat Lions by 22 runs

27 March- Chennai Superstars vs Ahemdabad Rockets
Superstars beat Rockets by 22 runs

28 March- Kolkata Tigers vs Lahore Badshahs
Badshahs beat Tigers by 22 runs

29 March- Chandigarh Lions vs Hyderabad Heroes
Heroes beat Lions by 33 runs

30 March- Kolkata Tigers vs Delhi Giants
Tigers beat Gians by 1 run

30 March- Ahemdabad Rockets vs Lahore Badshahs
Badshahs beat Rockets by 11 runs

31 March- Hyderabad Heroes vs Mumbai Champs
Heroes beat Champs by 7 runs

2 April- 1st Semifinal

3 April- 2nd Semifinal

4 April- 3th and 4th place

4 April- Final 1

6 April- Final 2

7 April- Final 3

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